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Find Out How Cranial Cruciate Ligament Problems Affect Your Dog

Dogs experience an array of injuries throughout their lives, but few have as many long-term effects as cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury. Not only is the ailment painful for your four-legged friend, it also leads to problems when walking, running, and jumping. The professionals at our veterinary surgery take this treatment seriously, using pioneering techniques to heal your companion.

A Solution for All Problems

There are generally 2 types of injury when it comes to cranial cruciate ligaments. Acute and chronic cases are the 2 most reported, and each is caused by something different. Acute ligament injuries are caused by a straight rupture of the ligaments with no warning, usually due to a twisting of the knee. Chronic ligament injuries are caused by old age, where the ligaments and tendons have started to break away. Our solution was designed with both of these in mind, and is effective for all sorts of ligament injuries.

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