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We’re Experts in Treating Cranial Cruciate Ruptures

At Astonlee Veterinary Hospital, we have 35 years experience in treating cranial cruciate rupture injuries in dogs. There are a variety of techniques used, but biological graft replacement surgery is the technique that we prefer to use for this type of injury. This is because it does not create a fracture which was not there before the surgery as is the case with osteotomy techniques, it is relatively economic, and has a 30-year track record at our hospital. We are giving you and your dog an opportunity for a relatively simple and logical solution with a good track record here at Astonlee.

How the Treatment Works

Biological graft replacement therapy is a straightforward process, and it allows your dog to get back to their normal selves. In the simplest terms, we replace the torn or broken ligaments. This allows them to be stronger, helping your four-legged friend to run and jump to their heart’s content.

Why Do We Do This?

It is our belief that this is the best option for dogs, and the one that gives them the best chance of being fit and healthy. The surgery is relatively non invasive 

compared to the currently popular bone sawing techniques, and leaves very few marks on your canine friend. The cranial cruciate ligament in dogs is the equivalent to a human’s anterior cruciate ligament, and we wouldn’t consider bone-sawing with a human. That’s why we use this procedure, ensuring that the procedure is as effective as possible. We have a 96% success rate in transforming dogs from injured to fully fit.

Graft replacement technique done in humans all around the world

This graft replacement technique is used in human surgery throughout the world, chosen for the best athletes, footballers and Olympic skiers. A graft replacement technique is available for your dog at Astonlee Veterinary Hospital.

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one of the most painful dog injuries.