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More Information on Our Cruciate Ligament Services

If your pet has a cruciate problem then our treatment  may help. This natural solution is the best thing for your pet’s recovery.

About Us


At Astonlee Veterinary Hospital, we care for most household pets. From pugs to parrots, our experienced vets are happy to treat all. Our friendly practice has won awards in the past for our service, including a Gold Standard Cat-Friendly Practice award from International Cat Care. We have developed our skills to be exceptional in dealing with cruciate ligament injuries. The team at our veterinary practice works tirelessly to help the animals to walk pain-free again.

           Why Choose Us?

  • Faced with difficult choices and often highly invasive surgical procedures, we provide a natural solution with a natural graft as the natural solution.

  • The solution of a graft is used by human surgeons and at Astonlee and provides a very low complication rate which is of high importance for success and cost control.

  • Re-stabilisation of the stifle joint with the insertion of a graft to replace the torn cruciate ligament restores the function in a way that no other technique can offer, and makes the two hind legs symmetrical again.

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